The only way to communicate with our purchasing department is through the following e-mail address: supplierbox@asmodee.es

This includes not only orders of new products, but the purchase of restocks and reprints as well. Please make sure that this email is included or at least carbon-copied in all commercial correspondence.

Any order or amount discussed verbally or mentioned in emails or by any other method of communication will NOT be considered an order by Asmodee Spain.

The only way we can emit an order is through a PURCHASE ORDER (PO) document generated by our system. Until you receive a PO we have emitted there is no final order. You should keep the following in mind when you receive the PO:

  1. You should always check the information in the PO to make sure the information is correct, especially product codes and prices. If you find any discrepancies, please contact the person that sent you the PO.
  2. The PO document reference number should be included in any documents related to the order, including but not limited to transport documents and the invoice.
  3. We cannot receive the goods in our warehouses until we do not have the corresponding invoice, including the PO document reference number. Please send us the invoice as soon as the goods are manufactured, or earlier.
  4. Our logistics department may reject any shipment of goods if the shipment does not meet the conditions specified in this document or the Logistics page.

Communicating Product Data

Before we can send an PO, we need the technical data of the product in question so we can enter the product into our system. You can send us this information by filling out the Product Data Request spreadsheet that you can download below and sending to the previously mentioned email.

Download > Product Data Request