Invoices made out to Asmodee Spain, produced after the activity is finished and has been accepted by Asmodee Spain, must be made out to the following legal name and address:

Asmodee Editions Iberica SLU
NIF: ES B85385300
Calle Petróleo 24
Polígono Industrial San José de Valderas
28918 Leganés, Madrid

Besides the usual mandatory invoicing data (your legal name and address and fiscal ID number when applicable) it is important for you to include in the invoice your e-mail and a telephone number where we can reach you. It is also important to include in the footnote of the invoice the bank account where payment is to be made. (If the account is in the EU we need the IBAN; if it is outside of Spain the SWIFT as well). Without this information we cannot insure correct payment.

If we are to set up a direct deposit system or any other form of payment besides a wire transfer, please include full details in the footnote. Also, please remember that you must contact us previously and we must authorize any such payment system. Asmodee Spain will not respond to any direct deposits or charges without previous authorization that includes the corresponding invoice.

Invoicing via e-mail: conditions to be accepted

An invoice will only be accepted if it is approved by your authorized Asmodee Spain buyer. Also, the invoice must include all of the details we have already specified, that is, it must be complete and correctly prepared.

Lastly, processing your invoice will be faster and easier if you send it to this address: invoicebox@asmodee.es

with a subject containing the following: “Invoice” “your invoice number” “your complete legal name”.

Example: Subject: “Invoice 355846631 Company Ltd.”

E-mails or invoices which are incorrectly formatted or are missing necessary data may suffer delays or even find payment blocked. Please review all documents before sending to insure that everything is complete and correct.

Doubts and Questions About Invoicing

You can contact our Accounts Department at the e-mail above or at the following telephone number +34 918 27 00 71.