From EU (DDP)

If you are shipping goods to the Asmodee Spain warehouse you should send us first a packing list containing the following information:

  • ETA (Estimated Date of Arrival)
  • Name of the supplier
  • PO (Product Order reference).
  • Name of the product
  • SKU (Reference)
  • Origin (Made in)
  • Quantity
  • Number of pallets
  • Number of cartons
  • CBM
  • GW (Kg).

The pallets should be EUR / EPAL-pallet.

Not higher than 180 cm. Non-stackable.

Send the information and/or documents to the email:


If we don’t receive the information before the shipment the goods can be rejected.

The address of our warehouse is:

Asmodee Spain
Carretera de la Esclusa 15
Zona de Actividades Logísticas (ZAL)
Nave 1.9 Modulo 4
41011 Sevilla
Tel. +34 918 27 00 71